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Naturopathic Medicine and The Evolving Paradigm Shift Towards Holistic Healthcare

Naturopathic Medicine and The Evolving Paradigm Shift Towards Holistic Healthcare

The news has been rife with stories in the past few years about the possible risk of hormone replacement therapy for women facing menopause. Concern was raised most recently after the release of information from the prominent Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study showing the increased risk of breast cancer, heart disease and strokes associated with the use of the most commonly prescribed hormone, Prempro. Naturopathy is one option that has grown in popularity. see here.

Naturopathic medicine offers alternatives for women who have been using hormone replacement therapy and are searching for other ways to avoid hot flashes, depression, mood changes, irregular periods and vaginal dryness, as well as many other early menopause and menopause related changes. Natural therapies may be the perfect solution, as they offer reduction of symptoms of menopause without the increased risk of disease.

Black Cohosh is an example of a herbal treatment for menopause symptoms. Studies have shown that there are fewer hot flashes, night sweats, headaches and mood swings in women who take Black Cohosh. They also report a general decrease in insomnia, tiredness, irritability and vaginal dryness. These benefits were attributed to substance containing phytoestrogens believed to be present in black cohosh. Phytoestrogen is a chemical ingredient in all plants. The most commonly known phytoestrogen is isoflavone, present in all soy products.

To women dealing with menopause symptoms there are many non-hormonal options available. In some people, combinations of herbs like dong quai, motherwort, licorice root, burdock root, and wild yam root can minimize hot flashes. (Do you not know these herbs? Don’t worry, just ask your Naturopath to point you in the right direction!). Many women take vitamin E, vitamin C, to relieve hot flashes. Examples of other options include insomnia with melatonin, depressed mood vitamins B, and joint pain with glucosamine sulfate. Women who have avoided the use of hormone replacement therapy due to negative effects or on their physician’s advice should consider seeking a Naturopathic Physician’s treatment. A Naturopathic Physician will help women sort through all the natural alternatives and determine the most suitable choices and efficient doses based on individual needs.

Naturopathic doctors are specialists in the application of natural therapies. With four years of postgraduate education in biological sciences, traditional medical diagnosis and the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies, Naturopathic Physicians are able to provide up-to – date information on safe and effective menopause therapies.

Best Sex Toys For Women – How To Choose Your First Vibrator

Best Sex Toys For Women – How To Choose Your First Vibrator

Everyone wants to know what women ‘s best sex toys are and it really will always come down to a personal choice. But if you’ve never tried one before and feel a bit timid about buying your first toy, then our guide to beginner’s female sex toys is for you.

It can be exciting but also intimidating to think about buying your very first vibrator. Do you go to a shop, order it online, deliver it to your home and what if someone finds out! And even when all those hurdles are overtaken. Do you want to learn more? read this article

It is normal to feel apprehensive about all those points when it comes to girls and toys. But if you feel too timid to have a female masturbation vibrator take the plunge, then think again. Any woman with a sex toy had to conquer these emotions and end up being quite the dealer more often than not!

Firstly, think about how you’ll get one. Ordering online is usually a very reliable process and from the reviews of other users, it is easy to know what the top selling sex toys are. But if you don’t feel comfortable having it sent to your home address, you can always have it delivered or collected from the post office to a friend’s home.

If you don’t have the opportunity to buy online so stepping into a sex shop is no embarrassment. There are several shops that explicitly tailor their stores to the lucrative female market, and if you’re not ready for endless rows of black leather, chains and impossible-sized dildo’s, then immerse yourself in a shop exclusively built for women with cheerful pink rows constantly lined with gorgeously decorated feminine sex toys.

Now when it comes to considering what toy is for just remembering this. Basically women ‘s best sex toys are just the ones that will get you off. So consider exactly how you like your sex when deciding which one might be for you, and then find a matching sex toy or female masturbation vibrator.

If you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for then take this into account. Sexually active women can generally be split into three groups:

Men favoring cunnilingus; people prefering penetration; and men enjoying both. So consider what kind of sex you prefer when choosing your female vibrator for masturbation

However, if you’re not very sexually experienced and are unsure about which category you may find yourself in, try not to get too overwhelmed with all the different colors , sizes and buzzing devices. Others can scare you, fascinate you or even creep you out, and one that may completely frighten you to start with can really become your favorite thrilling toy.

A strong way to continue before making your choice is by looking at the top-selling sex toys. You may either read comments or ask the shop attendant to do so online. The best women’s toys needn’t be the most costly and there are several types of inexpensive sex toys available. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but don’t want to be disappointed if you buy something cheap, then a good starting point is with a mid-priced toy with a history of being one of the best female orgasm vibrators.

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