Installing an Office Telephone System

If you are considering installing an office telephone system, you may be helped by the following to choose the most appropriate for your company. Click more info here.

Identifying your needs

The first step to take is to decide exactly what you want out of your business system. Tell yourself whether to:

  • How many workers require immediate phone access?
  • How many telephone lines are required, internally and externally?
  • Have we got a receptionist or do you want to hire one?
  • Are you planning a future expansion of your business?
  • Do you have any offices elsewhere that need to be part of the system?
  • Would you like to include mobile staff within the telephone business system?
  • Would you like the latest technology-if so, would you really be using it?

Thinking about these points will give you a better idea of what form of office telephony solution suits your business. Below we dig in on some of them a little bit more.

More in depth considerations

If you don’t have to have a telephone at each desk in the office then of course the start-up costs may be smaller when implementing small business telephone systems. And this is one of the first considerations that you need to make. But don’t cut down just to save money when it can affect how efficiently your business could run.

The number of internal and external telephone lines you need may have some impact on the type of system and your connection to the Internet. If you are relying for your business on the Internet, it makes sense to have a fast connection which does not interfere with making phone calls.

If you have a receptionist who can handle all incoming calls, so life can be so much easier, as they can re-route incoming calls to specific departments or members of the team.

Give some thought to whether you could in the near future expand the company. Installing an office telephone system that will not be adequate a couple of years down the line is not a good idea. Although you can now save on the costs, if the device is not flexible you will have to shell out to fix the whole lot again.