Electric Cars Imported From China

It’s acknowledged that China’s ‘green’ automotive industry has promising prospects. In 2006, China’s ‘Chaoyue’ No.3 fuel cell powered car won four gold medals at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum held in Paris. For every 100 kilometers the car uses only 1.03 kg of hydrogen. And this was possible because of five years of hard work from China’s automotive industry. navigate here

China took the decision to place electric car research and development at the top of its agenda as part of its 10th Five Year Plan. This was in the year 2001. Special attention has been given to all aspects of electric cars including manufacturing, science, electric vehicle production, and driving technology. Today, Chinese-imported electric cars rank among the best in the world.

But five years ago that was not the case. China’s automobile industry has evolved in the last half of the decade, and how! With new brands , new models, and new manufacturing techniques, and new strategies, China’s electric car market has now become one of the world’s top, competing with existing global leaders in the industry.

Increasing growing recognition of the disadvantages and damage done by petrol and diesel powered vehicles, several countries have introduced policies to promote R&D to replace this conventional alternative increasing new technologies. One such technology is electrically powered automobiles. With Japan , the United States, and the EU investing heavily in the production of electrically powered cars and buses, electric vehicles imported from China would benefit because they will have the advantage of an inexpensive price tag and a revolutionary technology that will popularize such no-emission vehicles.

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