Process Of Bail Bonds System

Usually you’re considered innocent when you’re charged unless proved guilty. This means you will be released so that you can go home and get ready for your trial. The bail bonds scheme has been set up to enable you to retain this constitutional right, and to guarantee that on the agreed date you can appear in court. If, though, you can not reach the sum imposed by a court, you will instead have to sit in prison until the day the case is stated. The bail bonds scheme acknowledges that a individual who has been incarcerated has career, personal, and other responsibilities, and therefore protects you for some period. The bail bond serves as a promise when you are granted this conditional freedom that you will not be absconding. For more details browse this site.

How’s the program working?

You are allowed, by statute, to make one phone call while you’re charged. You can do this to inform a relative or member of your family that you have been detained and you ought to be bailed out of court. The person you have called will then call a bail bondman, who will arrange for the bail to be issued. The bail procedure is fast, as long as you have an accomplished bail bondman. He or she is going to see you in court, to get the specifics of your detention. He must go over the documentation of his detention and receive finer information. These information must be provided in the bond contract, before signing it.

The individual who called the bail bondsman will serve as the bond’s co-signer and would have to offer something of considerable importance against the bond as a pledge. This can be currency, a home, costly jewellery, etc. In certain situations, he or she will not be asked to sign the document if the charges are low. If the contract is signed, it must be presented before a magistrate by the bail bondsman, who then accepts it. If accepted, you’re set loose to go home.

What are the costs of securing this bond?

By statute, the bail bondman has the option to earn a commission equivalent to 10 per cent of the bail sum. When a bail of $100,000 has been issued you’ll have to contribute $10,000 to the bail bondman. That may be such a large sum and you will not be in a position to pay all at once. Usually Bail Bondsmen offer you the option to pay by credit card, or in increments. You just have to negotiate with the guy you ‘re working with.

Of what is the guarantee?

The co-signer must offer guarantees against the guarantee, and that is to make sure you show in court on the date specified. It is the co-signer’s responsibility to make sure you arrive at court on the date specified. If you refuse to appear before the judge, the surety may be forfeited to the trial. Then the court will sign an arrest warrant, and a bounty hunter will search you out.

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