Benefits of Moving To Microsoft Office 365

Are you ready for your company to expand, but not ready to pay for more servers? Since IT does not keep up with your company needs, are you forced to turn away those projects? If yes is the answer, you would be delighted to hear about a solution that will help you keep ahead of the competition, Office 365, and free-up IT so that you can concentrate on being stronger and quicker than your rivals.You may find more information at microsoft office 365.

Not only is Office 365 easy to use it provides you with ‘virtual’ access to your emails, documents, and people everywhere, so you can respond to customers faster. While Office 365 offers many advantages, here are the three main advantages you will encounter when migrating to Microsoft Office 365:

Protection improved

Microsoft Office 365 is designed to satisfy the requirements of enterprise security, providing comprehensive security capabilities that place clients in charge. Here’s a rundown of the various security features of Office 365:

Microsoft Office 365 deals with Information Rights Management to avoid problems such as document sharing, editing, and content expiration management for customers.

International Trade in Weapons Regulations (ITAR) Support for Microsoft Office 365 provides federal agencies with the highest degree of data isolation.

Combined with account lockout, Microsoft Office 365 provides stringent password policies such as complexity and length.

Costs Reduced

Almost all of the technology infrastructure is actually very costly to maintain on site. For these facilities, the trend is increasingly shifting towards monthly rental payments at a substantially lower cost than purchasing and maintaining hardware and software. Usually, the server hardware you buy today will be out of warranty within a few years. And then you will also face problems relating to new operating systems and software and compatibility applications, which along the way will also involve several software upgrades, hardware failures and backups. Moving to Office 365 not only helps you to avoid the expense of hardware and software, it also allows you, along with all backend updates, to avoid maintenance and disaster recovery. It has been found, according to industry analysts, that switching to the cloud enables businesses to usually see an average of 40 percent savings over a five-year period.