Spider Vein Treatment – What Are Your Options?

Spider Vein Treatment can be quite a procedure. This is because spider veins are veins that have become enlarged because of spider veins symptoms like thickening of the skin on the outside and thickening of the skin on the inside. These veins cause quite a number of other problems. For instance, spider veins can make a person appear older than they actually are. They also make it hard for people with those veins to wear tight clothes because of the pressure that is placed on the area around the spider veins. So what exactly does a spider veins treatment consist of?Have a look at Rancho Santa Margarita Spider Vein Treatment for more info on this.

Generally, the spider veins treatment consists of the doctor either removing the vein or putting a blockage in it. Most doctors will remove the vein by cutting open the skin over the spider veins. This cuts the spider veins off the outside of the skin. Then, the doctor inserts a small needle into the damaged area, which he then injects an acid that causes the spider veins to collapse. The needle is generally quite small, and most patients report the treatment being painless. You should avoid having any surgery on the spider veins at least two months after treatment. That’s because the spider veins are growing back, so you wouldn’t want them to grow back and again cut your face or neck open.

A more permanent solution for spider veins treatment is to put a clot in the spider veins. If this is done, the spider veins that have already been dissolved by the laser procedure will fall out. But if the spider veins remain in the body, they may begin to regrow in a matter of days. In this case, the physician may opt to put a plate over the affected area and eventually fuse the plates together so that no new spider veins may form. You should be aware that there are a number of options for spider veins treatment. So you need to research the options so that you can be sure that you have made the right decision for your particular situation.

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