Truck Accidents Present Unique Set of Problems

Seeking compensation for injuries sustained in an accident involving a motor vehicle is a long complicated process , especially when involving a truck or commercial vehicle. Defendants may include the trucking agency, its executives, the suppliers and insurance providers of the company and the owner and driver of the truck in the case. Additionally, there are various federal and state laws governing the trucking industry. The dynamics involved in a truck accident tend to be substantially different from those involving only passenger cars, due to the physical size and complexity of the trucks themselves. Learn more on Truck Accident Attorney.

Unlike passenger car drivers, truck drivers are subject to special rules and regulations which include maintenance requirements, restrictions on the size and weight of the truck’s load and the number of hours the driver can drive at one time and in one week’s time. Truckers also have special requirements for licensing and training that can benefit plaintiffs in a lawsuit.

Many trucking companies have an accident investigation team that is sent to the accident scene as soon as they know that one of their trucks has been involved in one. This often gives a head start to trucking companies preparing for their defence. It is therefore important that an experienced and competent truck accident solicitor is contacted early in a case of a truck accident. By doing so, the solicitor has a greater chance of protecting facts and reviewing it by the time the statute of limitations expires, or by the time the lawsuit is to be made.

Another factor that complicates cases of truck accidents is that since a fully loaded truck can be 30 times heavier than a typical passenger car, physics laws increase the likelihood that serious, if not fatal, injuries will result in a collision between the two. The complexities of such an incident appear to involve much greater forces acting on the vehicles and their passengers than those involving only passenger cars in collisions. An attorney representing those injured in a truck accident case must have access to competent investigators on truck accidents as well as a comprehensive understanding of the applicable commercial vehicle legislation involved.

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