Types of Environmental Testing

How important is the testing for the environment? Will it need to schedule an appointment for any home or business? It is not important to run a test in every space but in some cases it may alert people to possible breathing harm, their wellbeing and their bodies in general. If a person suspects there is a problem, there are three main tests that should be run. The experts should be able to test for asbestos , lead and mold. Learn more by visiting A-1 Certified Environmental Services, LLC.


At first glance, asbestos doesn’t seem harmful but once the material becomes airborne, it can cause serious health concerns of all kinds. To solve the issue, the setting up of an environmental testing appointment is necessary. A professional may come in and take various samples to send out for further examination from home or office. The reports generated will help the firm figure out how to deal with the situation. Some people want to refurbish the area and seek to make it accessible again. Others opt for complete demolition as their only option.

Once the project is complete, the professionals will return to carry out another series of tests to determine whether the area is safe again. They will come back a couple of months later to track the situation if necessary. That also brings some peace of mind to a homeowner or business owner.


Lead based paint has received a great deal of media attention, particularly when it comes to children’s toys. The problem began around the 1960s when people began to notice some health concerns tied to ingestion of lead based paint. Until today, environmental monitoring in homes constructed before 1980 may be required. More than 75 percent of the houses constructed before this period contained some form of paints based on lead.

When a person is looking to purchase an older property or remodel an older house, they will sometimes ask for environmental testing before continuing. They have to make sure the paint is healthy in the house. If this is not the case, there are two main solutions including degradation or encapsulation. Having a specialist is the only way to take an educated decision.


In the past, if a home or office has taken on water, there is a chance that some kind of mold or fungus will grow in the area. The development is not noticable at times. It can occur under the floors or within the walls. When not treated it will continue to develop and give the inhabitants physical problems. While some individuals have a mild growth allergy, others may experience symptoms as severe as viral infections, muscle pains, and even shortness of breath.

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