What To Do In A Dental Emergency

Although with certain people it doesn’t arise that much, a dental emergency is always a stressful event, if you’re a kid or a completely developed individual. It appears to still happen at the worst possible moment. Have a look at Westwood Family Dental for more info on this. It can be something as drastic as a broken jaw, but if it is not handled properly even seemingly minor injury to the tooth will turn bad. No matter the situation, the main objective is to mitigate the damage as much as possible until you can see the dentist.

Debris Between Teeth It can be irritating and uncomfortable to have debris trapped between the teeth and gums for products like popcorn. The first answer people think of is always a toothpick or some pointy object. That may cause serious damage to your gums, though. This may get contaminated left untreated and contribute to severe health issues like death.

Some of the time, nothing other than a toothbrush will dislodge a bit of debris. Use the dental floss if that doesn’t fit. Make sure you stay away from the gum line to avoid any further injury. If that is how you can’t get rid of it, see the dentist.

Soft tissue trauma No matter how hard you are, chewing your lip or cheek brings the trace of a smile to your eye immediately. Such environments can also be a bit more difficult to work with if they are severe enough. In an effort to prevent contamination the first move should always be to clean the area. Then use some ice or a soaking cloth in very cold water to help reduce the swelling and bleeding of wider wounds that happens. A bit of pressure is added to the wound to stop bleeding. If the wound does not seem to stop bleeding, then go to the doctor for medical care.

Altered Tooth Teeth look solid but in most instances they need a dentist’s immediate attention. When a part of the tooth has fallen off, conserve as much as possible the fragment in its original condition. If it falls out, you’d like to put it back in the socket or immerse it in the milk to keep it from dying. All that get loose will lock up within a couple of weeks. Use a cloth to put pressure on it, and stick to soft foods to avoid further injury. When your mouth has aches, take an anti-inflammatory buffer instead.

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